Cinema Underexposed
December 6, 2019

Cinema Underexposed is an independent film festival in The Hague, launched by Linus Kropp en Io Alexa Sivertsen in collaboration with photography platform Baobab, it strives to expose the undiscovered, and give space to fresh voices and new perspectives from emerging creators. It’s first edition, on the night of December 6th until the afternoon the 7th, it will feature lectures, video installations, performances and a 24-hour screening programme under the motto "It’s Easier To Be Sad Than Happy.”

Initiators, producers: Linus Kropp, Io Sivertsen
Managing support: Daniel Siegersma
Featured artists: Anastasia Kieselva & Mischa Lind, Jean-Baptiste Castel & Astrid Feringa, Leos, Victoria Salomonsen, Yoohee Cha, Louiza Charitondou – UnderGod, Valentino Russo, Zahari Dimitrov, Kristin Stubberud, Philipp Groubnov, Anastina Eyjolfsdottir, Hanna Ijäs   

May 17th – 30th, 2019 

"Archetype" anticipates the release of the third issue: "Union Continent". Two of the 30+ works featured in the magazine are exhibited: excerpts from the series "Barrier Operation" by Mads Holm and from the series "Forma" by Ties Veerman. The exhibition is hosted by The Balcony. This art space is located in the city centre of The Hague.

In collaboration with: The Balcony
Editors: Pietro Bulfoni, Daniël Siegersma
Exhibited photography: Mads Holm, Ties Veerman  

Meet me halfway
January 26, 2019

To what extent should we look for relevant photographic works and to what extent should those works be able to reach us? While appreciating their effort to come here to the KABK on the Open Day, we’d like our visitors to meet us half way in the hallway. The corridor of the photography department is transformed into a projection space, where student works defy temporality and offer a dynamic viewing experience. Works by photography students Jeanne Aubert, Bebe Blanco Agterberg and Fabian Kasper will be displayed through a constantly changing pattern, to be able to see them visitors will need to catch them, by use of white-surfaced pads. Each projection will last no longer than 2 minutes before disappearing.

In collaboration with: KABK
Concept: Pietro Bulfoni, Daniël Siegersma
Graphic Design: Edward July, Zahari Dimitrov
Illustration: Cyrill Rafael Vasilyev
Mapping: Adam Centko
Exhibited photography: Jeanne Aubert, Bebe Blanco Agterberg, Fabian Kasper  

Sight’s Map: The Perception of Belonging
November 18, 2018 – February 15, 2019

On the 24th of November we inaugurated "Sight’s map: the perception of belonging", a three-month exhibition of a collaboration with the University of Leiden, hosted in the Kunstgang of the Lipsus University building, in Leiden (NL). The exhibition displays the works from three third year students of the Royal Academy of Art who were featured in the second edition of Baobab magazine. Together with Benthe Schuppert (curator of the artistic initiatives within the University) and a few Art History students attending the bachelor studies, we went through a process of thought and tryout, which led to the creation of an audiovisual installation.

In collaboration with: Kunstgang
Curators: Kirsten Bosma, Pietro Bulfoni, Daniël Siegersma
Exhibited photography: Yentl van Toledo, Sungjae Joo, Stan Heerkens